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Every day we work to elaborate our dishes with the freshness and the flavor that they like, our Salsa La Costa is elaborated to be able to give the perfect touch of our Mexico.

Our trained and dedicated staff can give you the best personalized and friendly service to make you feel welcome. Every day we dedicate ourselves to being of our restaurant a place where you can have a pleasant time with family or with friends. It will always be a power to restrain them.

Our team - A same purpose


Our team is always happy to serve you in the best way, we have staff trained to give you the best service and your visit is a good experience. Thank you for the support, you our customers, the most important thing.

La Costa
Henry Manager General, La Costa AF


It is always a pleasure for me to be able to see you and to know that you are being treated in the best way, the time of stay in our locality will be a special moment and a better experience. My purpose is to give you the best service and a better service.





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